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What size business needs a traffic management plan?

Traffic Management in the workplace is largely overlooked until an accident occurs, yet vehicles and pedestrians in the same area could be the greatest risk of an accident waiting to happen. Safe Work Australia has produced a Workplace Traffic Management Code of...

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Noise Impacts in a Workplace

Long-term and frequent exposure to loud noise can permanently damage a person’s hearing, possibly resulting in deafness. Acute short-term hearing loss can result from exposure to an instantaneous loud noise, (e.g. an explosion), which may also have a...

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What Is Lockout and Tagout?

Lock Out/Tag Out programs are used to prevent contact with a hazard while performing tasks that require the removal, by-passing, or deactivation of safeguarding devices, and the unintended release of hazardous energy (stored energy), or the unintended start-up or...

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