Safety Bollards

Proactive Compliance supply a range of Safety Bollards Australia wide. Our safety bollards assist workplaces in reducing the risk of building damage from plant such as forklift and vehicles, as well as reducing the risk of forklift and pedestrian interaction in areas where a barrier is not practical.

Our Safety Bollards are available in a range of architectural finishes and designs to cater for all areas from warehouses to the entrance areas of buildings.

Our Safety Bollards are designed to work fully with our full range of Traffic Management Products and are designed with workplace compliance in mind.

Selecting the correct product for the right application takes a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. We specialise in making the task of selecting the right equipment for the right job easy.

Our products are designed to make the process simple and straightforward while ensuring you have the correct protection in difficult situations such as Safety Bollards.

All Building and Asset Protection products can be installed by competent installation personnel and are designed to suit your workplace.



  • Easy installation
  • Minimal space required
  • Protect your building and assets
  • Reduces the risk of damage to building and assets
  • Reduce the risk of forklift and pedestrian interaction in tight areas
  • Zero Maintenance Costs
  • Available to suit every size workplace
  • Safety Yellow
  • Australia Made
  • 5 Year Warranty