Access Consultants

Helping you comply with Australian Disability Access Regulations

Man in electric wheelchair going up a building ramp.

What are Access Consultants?

Proactive Compliance offers a range of access consulting services designed to ensure that places such as buildings, public spaces and workplaces comply with Australian Disability Access Regulations.

These regulations ensure that our community is safe and accessible for people with a disability. In Australia, approximately 20% of people are living with ability limitations.

Access Consultants are trained specialists with qualifications in assisting people with a disability to move through access areas confidently and safely. Our Access Consultants are registered Associate Members of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia.


Our Approach

Access Consultants benefits everyone by ensuring that a wide range of spaces are accessible and inclusive for people with all abilities.

More specifically, an access appraisal can assist:

  • Architects
  • Property developers
  • Body corporates
  • Local governments
  • Businesses
  • Sporting venues
  • Educational institutions
  • Shops and department stores
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals

Regardless of your environment, an access appraisal can help ensure your space complies with the relevant Regulations and contributes to a safe, inclusive community.


Close up of hands over a building plan.
Person with clipboard auditing building access.

Our Services

Proactive Compliances Access Consultants assist with:

  • Providing access appraisals and audits of existing buildings, new buildings, commercial and private property, public spaces, community facilities, and more;
  • Provide consultation and desktop reviews of architectural drawings, schedules and specifications at each stage of design documentation;
  • Prepare Due Diligence Reports;
  • Assisting in meeting relevant legislation and Australian standards, while focusing on day-to-day functionality and useability;
  • Consider all access factors, including but not limited to tactile ground surface indicators, pedestrian and wheelchair access, accessible signage, luminance contrast, and more;
  • Preparation of wayfinding and signage strategies;
  • Preparation of Disability Action Plans (DAPs);
  • Preparation of Access for People with Disability Management Plans;
  • Provide professional reports and documented recommendations.