Pallet Racking Auditors

We conduct independent steel storage racking audits of all brands of racking.

Why You Need to Inspect Pallet Racking

Steel storage racking is subject to constant use resulting in damage and wear. Conducting regular inspections of your pallet racking installation is essential in ensuring a safe working environment.

Australian Standards and Regulatory Authorities recommend that racking inspections are conducted at least annually by competent personnel in accordance with AS/NZS 4084:2012. Our third-party audits help you fulfil your duty of care to maintain a safe workplace.

Proactive Compliance is a full-service WHS Consultancy company taking a holistic approach to storage racking use and maintenance.

Our experienced racking auditors conduct independent steel storage racking audits of all brands of racking. We do not sell or repair racking and are not aligned with any manufacturer.

Our Pallet Racking Audit Services

Proactive Compliance provides a racking inspection service to clients ranging from small businesses to leading multi-site organisations across Australia.

We will provide you with a detailed report of the racking inspection outlining the recommended corrective actions. If necessary we can recommend reputable racking companies to repair or replace faulty components.

Proactive Compliance will assist you to develop an audit schedule and reporting system that will provide evidence to regulatory authorities that a programmed maintenance system is in place.

Our inspections include:

  • Assessment of the application and use of the racking
  • Assessment of racking condition and plumb
  • Assessment of compliance with working load limits
  • Assessment of current configuration compared to the original configuration drawings where available
  • Inspection of uprights including damage and distortion
  • Inspection of beams for damage, distortion and weld condition
  • Inspection of braces for damage
  • Inspection of floor fixings for damage, corrosion and configuration
  • Assessment of pallet racking signage