Project WHS Management

Setting up & implementing WHS management plans on construction projects.

WHS Management Plan Key Facts

A Project WHS Management Plan is critical for ensuring the WHS on construction projects as there are usually many contractors and subcontractors involved and circumstances can change quickly from day to day.

The level of detail required for a Project WHS Management Plan depends on how complex the workplace is (particularly the number of contractors at the workplace at any one time) and the risks involved in the work.

It must also be in writing, easily accessible and understood by the workers on the site. The Project WHS Management Plan can also be adapted to include Project Quality and Project Environmental to ensure total job compliance.

The plan to manage work health and safety on a construction project assists in ensuring that the risks associated with a construction project are managed, roles allocated and persons held responsible.

The principal contractor on site is ultimately responsible for all health, safety, quality and environmental outcomes. This can be an intimidating responsibility when accompanied with the usual demands of running a business.

Our WHS Project Management Services

We can provide you with a complete Project WHS Management Plan that is not only relevant to individual state/territory requirements but also meets the job specific requirements as set out by the customer.

Proactive Compliance has hands-on experience with setting up and implementing WHS management plans on construction projects across Australia.

We work to ensure all jobs are completed incident and injury free, there is clear reporting in place and the team works to ensure a safe worksite.

Our Project WHS Management systems cover the following points relating to Project WHS including:

• System implementation assistance
• Risk Management & Risk Assessments
• Plant and Equipment Safety
• Safe Work Method Statements
• Safe Work Procedures
• Emergency Procedures
• Dangerous Goods
• Project WHS Reporting
• Training requirement reviews
• System auditing and reporting