CertMark Product Certification

We deliver the CertMark Product Certification system and auditing to businesses across Australia.

What is CertMark Product Certification?

Proactive Compliance works closely with CertMark International to deliver the CertMark Product Certification System and Auditing to businesses across Australia.

This is a voluntary system of accreditation and can be adapted to any product across the globe. The CertMark Product Certification has been developed to show product compliance to a specific standard (ATSM, ISO, BSI, AS or AS/NZS Standards).

In order to achieve CertMark Product Certification, the subject material or product must:

• Be tested by a recognised testing laboratory
• Meet the requirements of the relevant standard
• Be manufactured in accordance with an approved Quality Assurance Program
• Carry a warranty

Why Should You Invest in CertMark Product Certification?

• Compliance to one or more standards or clauses
• Certification of non-building industry products
• Can be easily adjusted to suit market requirements
• Ongoing annual audits
• Manufacturing audits
• Document audits


The CertMark Scheme

To find out more about the CertMark scheme and certification and compliance requirements, contact CertMark International:

P: +61 (07) 5445 2199

E: office@certmark.org

W: www.CertMark.org