WHS System Consultants

Consistently identify & control your health & safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, encourage legislative compliance & improve your health & safety performance.

Our Approach

Workplace Health & Safety is a legislative requirement and an obligation that all business must comply with. At Proactive Compliance we regard it as more than that and that is reflected in the broad range of WHS Consultancy Services we offer.

We believe that with the involvement of all personnel in the organisation, a workplace health and safety system will increase morale and develop a safety culture within your business.

No matter what sector you work in, a safety system leads the way to a well-structured and caring, socially responsible corporation that consistently identifies and controls its health and safety risks, reduces the potential for accidents, encourages legislative compliance and improves health & safety performance. What’s more, all evidence points to an increase in the organisation’s financial health.

Why Invest in WHS?

Reduce injuries & illnesses
Assist compliance with legislative requirements
Reduce workers compensation costs
Improved personnel involvement & morale
Improved operational efficiency
Improved corporate governance

Our WHS Services

Proactive Compliance offers clients throughout Australia and New Zealand programmed inspections and maintenance of Work, Health and Safety related items such as harness inspections, workplace inspections, pallet racking and ladders.

Our services include consulting, documentation, implementation, maintenance and auditing of Work Health & Safety Systems.

• Development of AS4801 & ISO45001 system documentation
• System implementation assistance
• Risk Management
• Safety management plans
• Safe Work Procedures
• Emergency Procedures
• Dangerous Goods
• System auditing
• AS4801 certification through accredited bodies.