Electrical Test & Tag Service

Thorough and cost-effective electrical test and tag services Australia wide.

Power board and cords.

What are the Requirements for Workplace Electrical Test and Tag?

All electrical equipment in the workplace, whether in the office or factory, construction or maintenance use, is subject to constant use often resulting in damage and wear. Conducting regular inspection of your electrical appliances, tools and equipment is essential in ensuring a safe working environment.

Australian standards and regulatory authorities require electrical test and tagging to be conducted as per the recommended risk assessment in AS3760-2010 In-Service Safety Inspection And Testing Of Electrical Equipment.

Proactive Compliance is a full-service WHS Consultancy company taking a holistic approach to electrical test and tagging requirements.


Our Electrical Test and Tag Services

Proactive Compliance provides an electrical test and tag service to clients ranging from small businesses to leading multi-site organisations across Australia.

We provide you with a detailed report and asset register outlining the items which passed and any items which have failed and are to be removed from service. Where possible, items that require basic repairs will be repaired once approved by the site contact for the job.

Proactive Compliance will assist you in developing an inspection schedule and reporting system that will provide evidence to regulatory authorities that a programmed inspection system is in place.


Our test and tag inspections include:

  • Visual Inspections
  • Physical Inspections
  • Insulation Tests
  • Earth Circuit Tests
  • Continuity Tests
  • Functionality tests
  • Leakage tests
  • Polarity Tests

Items we test include:

  • RCD’s
  • Portable RCD’s
  • 3-Phase Tools/Equipment
  • Single Phase Tools/Equipment
  • Powerboards
  • Appliances
  • Extension Cords
Testing and tagging.